Sarah's Scribbles Scented Candle I Lucky Green Sweater I Sarah Andersen Comics
Sarah's Scribbles Scented Candle I Lucky Green Sweater I Sarah Andersen Comics
Sarah's Scribbles Scented Candle I Lucky Green Sweater I Sarah Andersen Comics

Sarah's Scribbles Scented Candle: Lucky Green Sweater

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The Candle: A 3-wick candle like no other that infuses culture, design and comfort. This unique candle is hand-poured in a captivating matte black tin vessel with 16 ounces of natural coconut wax, enclosed with original artwork by artist Sarah Anderson on the lid. This candle’s aromas burn consistently fresh with 3-wicks for approximately 80 hours.

Every candle is made with 100% non-toxic coconut wax and a flat braided cotton wick. The scents are infused with essential oils and always free of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins and acute toxins. 

The Scents: Explore our array of six ultra premium scents:

  1. Black Forest: Add a new layer of sophistication to R&R or meditation at home with this luxury evergreen fragrance. Traditional forest scents are paired with vivid notes of eucalyptus, cypress and tonka bean, creating a unique aromatic crispness.
  2. Tobacco + Rum: Transport yourself to a night in Havana with notes of tropical Caribbean teakwood enhanced with hints of ginger and peppercorn and a woody base of sandalwood, amber, and musk. Masculine, rich, rugged, and grounding. 
  3. Sea Salt + Orchid: The sensual floral notes of orchid balanced with salty highlights creates a smooth and elegant scent that suggests graceful movement, while jasmine, lily and tonka bean dazzle with an element of intoxicating sweetness. 
  4. Lavender + Honey: A delightful lavender treat with fresh violet, chilled blackberry and sweet raspberry, finished with delectable creamy vanilla and warm honey top notes.
  5. Tahitian Vanilla: Delicious in any room at any time of year, this buttercream, vanilla bean, and cake scent with base notes of sugar and bourbon create a luxurious aroma that conjures fresh baked delicacies that present both comfort and delight.
  6. Bourbon Apple Pie: An irresistible aromatic sensation with maple bourbon at its heart. Rich notes of creamy vanilla paired with apple, orange and cinnamon provide upscale coziness.

Original artwork by artist Sarah Andersen of Sarah’s Scribbles and Sarah Andersen Comics.

Wax, Scent & Wicks

Candle Ingredients

Expect the best. We hand-pour every candle in our California studio and strictly use the finest quality ingredients. The result is a Premium Scented Candle that burns cleaner, longer and stronger, for truly room filling aromas.

Maximum Scent Load. Our hot throw, meaning the release of fragrance while the candle is burning, is what sets us apart. We achieve an unparalleled scent throw intensity by using a premium coconut-apricot wax blend, our candles include 50% more scent than even the best soy candles in the market.

Ingredients. We are using the finest natural ingredients in the market to provide a candle that meets the highest quality standards while producing an unparalleled fragrance experience. Our scents are always free of phthalates as well as materials with similar health concerns, including carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins and acute toxins.

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Candelistically Fantastic (LOVE)

If you’re looking for a clean, refreshing, calming, renewing, peaceful scented environment Candlefy candles are IT! I don’t think I can go back to other candles after these. It’s has leveled up my candle game and I’m a natural candle fanatic. I wish they made them in larger sizes I would spend the extra money. They make exceptional candles for any room (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, dinning room and more) I purchased Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Yosemite and the scent that is undeniably, hands down the scent that will be in every home I purchase ‘OAKLAND’

Very nice Candles

The scent is natural and not too strong

California Golden State Scented Candle (Sea Salt, Orange Blossom, Night Jasmine)

Your service was prompt and I love my candles which were safely packed for their journey. Thank you

BOTANICAL COLLECTION: Black Kraft Label, Black Matte Lid, Amber Jar

Love your candles, so fragrant! Rose Petals is my favorite! Delivery is prompt and I always appreciate the extra sample. Quality product and service! Thanks to your staff!

Great value

Best prices around and great scents

Great customer service

There was a mix up with my order and one phone call corrected the issue and promptly sent the correct order. Thank you for your gracious response!!!!

This is my new favourite candle. Everyone that walks into my house loves it. Men and women. They also can’t quite tell what the sent is, which I love! It’s not over powering. There’s is no purfume smell. It’s warm, a little chocolatey, but light at the same time.


I love the Tahoe candle . It’s smells like you’re there !! It’s an amazing smell .

California Coastline Candle Bundle: Big Sur & Pacific Ocean (2-set Natural Wax Candles)

I bought the candle as a gift for a cousin who had moved out of state. She really missed the beach and the Orange blossom fragrance. This was the perfect gift and I also got one for myself. We both love the California candle fragrance.

Lake Tahoe: California Scented Candle (Amberwood, Mossy Wood, White Birch)

Great Candle, Responsive Service

I love the quality of Candlefy's products - they have the best smelling candles. In my recent order they forgot to pack 1 of my 4 candles ordered and resolved the matter quickly and kindly. Yay!

California is my fav candle

Amazing smell. Very strong scent

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Smells really good and is what I hoped for

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Go-to for year round bliss

Hands down my favorite scent, year round. It's fresh, it's clean, it's literal bliss. And it always seems to fit right in to whatever season it is, it's perfect! Also, it never seems to "fade" with time- scent stays strong and the quality is exceptional. Highly recommended!

California Golden State Scented Candle (Sea Salt, Orange Blossom, Night Jasmine)

Too much packaging

I don’t see why the little cloth bags are necessary - packaging is wasteful

Julian California: Bourbon Apple Pie Scented Candle

Love this candle line. The scents are amazing and customers love them.

Best Candles Ever

Thank you for making these wonderful candles. I send them to my daughter all the time, she loves them. I only order your candles because they are clean and healthy candles, no toxins burn into the air.

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