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7 California Destinations to Visit this Winter

7 California Destinations to Visit this Winter - Candlefy

Hitting the road this season? There's no wrong time to take road trip in the Golden State! As the weather begins to cool down, it's time to start planning your winter vacations. Misty mornings and afternoon sunshine is our usual cup of tea, but we look forward to visiting the twinkling blankets of snow each winter season. If you're not sure where to go this season, we have your back.

Inspired by our California Golden State Candle Collection, here's our guide to 7 California destinations to visit this winter season! 

1. Lake Tahoe

Our Lake Tahoe Candle is a year-round necessity, especially if you love to burn woodsy scents. Winter in Tahoe is a magical time of year where fluffy snow falls amongst the treelines and beaches. With so many activities from skiing, snowboarding and sledding, there’s plenty of ways to take advantage of the snow with friends and family. If winter sports don’t tickle your fancy, be sure to check out hiking trails, ice skating and hot springs, as well as the delicious restaurants and local breweries! 

Here are 3 of our favorite blogs featuring things to do in winter in Tahoe:

If you can’t make it to Lake Tahoe this season, consider our Lake Tahoe California Scented Candle with cozy aromas of rustic amberwood, blooming white birch and warm vanilla.



2. Yosemite

One hasn’t truly experienced all that California has to offer if they have never visited Yosemite National Park. It’s hard to believe it could be any more beautiful than it is during spring and summer, but naturally, there is a whole new appreciation for Yosemite during the winter months! From sightseeing and stargazing amongst breathtaking surroundings of popular attractions like Half Dome, El Capitan and Glacier Point, there are tons of winter sports, museums and galleries to explore in Yosemite. 

Here are 3 of our favorite blogs featuring things to do in winter in Yosemite:

Keep the fresh aromas of Yosemite all year long with our Yosemite California Scented Candle featuring a vibrant mix of oakmoss and amberwood with notes of citrusy orange


3. Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Home to some of the largest trees in the world, Sequoia and Kings Canyon have a forest-charm like no other. Massive Redwoods and crisp air surround you as you wander through the windy roads. Winters in Sequoia and Kings Canyon ignites a childlike feeling of nostalgia, looking through a frosted window with a cozy fire burning aside you and a steamy beverage warming your hands. There are certainly no wrong turns in both of these parks and when a fresh layer of snow graces the branches of these massive trees, you’re struck with awe and never want to leave. 

Here are 3 of our favorite blogs featuring things to do in winter in Sequoia:

Get cozy this season with our Sequoia California Scented Candle with notes of musky redwood, spiced cinnamon and creamy vanilla and our Kings Canyon California Scented Candle featuring a captivating mixture of sugar pine, juniper berries and cedar wood. 



5. Big Sur

Depending on the time of day in Big Sur, you may find yourself wandering through misty fog along the coast, or soaking up the sun on the road with clear skies, deep blue waters and what looks like an endless mountainous California coastline. No matter what time of day, you can always explore the magic Big Sur has to offer during the winter season. From dreamy cabins to lush hiking trails and hidden gems along the way, you’ll find adventure in every direction when visiting Big Sur.

Check out these 3 blogs featuring some of our favorite things to do in winter in Big Sur:

Bring the ocean mist home with our Big Sur California Scented Candle, taking in undertones of mossy wood, lavender and rose. 



6. Malibu

Winter in Los Angeles looks different than most places. Sunny skies kiss your skin as a cool breeze brushes by– there’s no place like Malibu in the winter! When low tides and golden sunsets grace us each season, we grab our blankets and set up cozy sunset picnics on the beach. Whether you’re bike riding, roller blading, hiking or driving through Malibu, pop by the local restaurants and shops for an experience like no other.

Here are our 3 favorite blogs featuring things to do and places to see in Malibu in winter:

Can’t make it to Malibu this season? Let the refreshing scents of our Malibu California Scented Candle take you on a stroll through Paradise Cove at golden hour featuring aromas of the ocean breeze, luxurious orchid and blooming night jasmine.


7. Joshua Tree

Trade your boho hats for beanies and catch this year's snowfall in Joshua Tree National Park! From rock climbing to hiking, there's tons to see and do in Joshua Tree in the winter since it only snows in certain parts of the park. Feast your palate on delicious bites from local restaurants or book a trendy desert Airbnb stay for a perfect weekend getaway in Joshua Tree.

Here are our 3 favorite blogs featuring things to do and places to see in Joshua Tree in winter:

There's no better way to keep cozy this winter season than warm aromas of sandalwood and calming amber in our Joshua Tree California Scented Candle