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Our Quality Promise: Discover our Waxes & Scents

CANDLEfy is a completely family owned and US based business. Every day we are guided by our core values: Ambition. Positivity. Creativity. Honesty. Empathy.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction are paramount to us. We unapologetically stand behind the quality of all of our products and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We aim to keep the carbon foot-print of our products minimal and will always choose the responsible over the more profitable path!

When it comes to product manufacturing, our values are of particular importance as our candles are the external representation of everything we strive to achieve each and every day.

We design and produce scented candles of exceptional quality to help you turn your home into a personal sanctuary.

When we assess our candle manufacturing, we measure ourselves against the following key criteria:

1. Aroma Intensity

Our objective for each candle is to exude rich and room filling aromas. The aroma distribution should be naturally pleasing and clearly noticeable without being over-powering.   

How does that matter to you: After all, when you order a scented candle, you should be able to smell and enjoy the scent. 

2. Long Lasting Burn

Our objective is for you to enjoy your candle for a long time and with every burn.

How does this matter to you. The longer the candle light burns, the longer you can enjoy your candle and the more you get your money's worth. 

3. Sustainable Materials

Our objective is to source the best quality product materials to produce a candle that is not harmful to your health.

How does this matter to you: When you burn your candle, you shouldn't worry about inhaling phthalates or other harmful toxins.