California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy
California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time) - Candlefy

California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles / 360H Burn-Time)

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Experience the aromatic benefits of the salty Pacific Ocean mist, the mossy Sierra Nevada air and the burning Mojave desert winds with this truly transformative collection of uniquely scented Natural Wax Candles. 

The California Candle Collection includes six 9oz natural wax candles with a combined burn-time of 360 hours.California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles + 1 Mug)

Scent Description

Light the flame and transport your senses to the most magical places of California:

  1. Big Sur Candles pair the scent of the Ocean mist with aromas of refreshing rain, mossy wood and sweet lavender.
  2. Pacific Ocean Candles pair the refreshing notes of the salty Pacific Ocean air with sweet Grapefruit and sensual Jasmine.
  3. Yosemite Candles feature a vibrant, woodsy scent with middle notes of bergamot atop a vanilla musky base for a reinvigorating experience.
  4. Sequoia Candles distribute aromas of Sequoia Redwood paired with spicy cinnamon, rustic clove and a floral bouquet for unmatched coziness.
  5. Joshua Tree Candles bring the desert winds to your home. Enjoy intoxicating Patchouli paired with calming Sandalwood aromas.
  6. Tahoe Candles Rustic Amberwood and warm Vanilla are paired with blooming Lily of the Valley for a naturally cozy yet invigorating atmosphere.California Scented Candle Gift Box (6 Candles + 1 Mug)

Natural Candles, made in California

Made in Los Angeles, CA each candle is hand-poured into a Apothecary Amber Jar with a golden brass lid that can be repurposed. Burn-time is approximately 60 hours each. 

    Wax, Scent & Wicks

    Candle Ingredients

    Expect the best. We hand-pour every candle in our California studio and strictly use the finest quality ingredients. The result is a Premium Scented Candle that burns cleaner, longer and stronger, for truly room filling aromas.

    Maximum Scent Load. Our hot throw, meaning the release of fragrance while the candle is burning, is what sets us apart. We achieve an unparalleled scent throw intensity by using a premium coconut-apricot wax blend, our candles include 50% more scent than even the best soy candles in the market.

    Ingredients. We are using the finest natural ingredients in the market to provide a candle that meets the highest quality standards while producing an unparalleled fragrance experience. Our scents are always free of phthalates as well as materials with similar health concerns, including carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins and acute toxins.

    More questions?

    Contact our US based service team.

    Based on 402 reviews
    Amazing scent, as always!

    Candefy candles never disappoint. The scent throw is always fantastic, even in large open spaces. It's hard to pick one favorite scent, but cashmere and plum is definitely one of my favorites!

    Excellent duo

    Love the smell of each of these and they compliment one another nicely. Each scent is well-blended and just the right amount of smell to fill the room. I have bought the set now twice.

    I’m very happy with Candlefy. Bay candles ever.

    Redwood National Park Candles (Redwood, Cinnamon, Vanilla)

    My new FAVE candles!

    These are the best, they last longer than any I've tried and the scents are amazing.

    Love your candles!

    The scent is mesmerizing and I simply love them! A new customer that will order for life!

    Aroma therapy indeed!! It smells sooo good!!
    Fresh, clean scent that relaxes me in an instant.
    Such a great value for quality ingredients too!!
    Love that I’m not breathing in toxic chemicals.
    Tku, happy customer:-)

    I like California better. But Los Angeles is nice. These candles last a long time. I will purchase again.

    Not happy

    I had been given a California candle for Christmas, and I adored it! I used it up, so I found the company and ordered the same candle. It smells completely different. I tried to contact them, but got no response.


    Love love love your candles and your website is easy to navigate and delivery time was fast. I will definitely keep ordering candles from your company!

    Second (and third!) purchase

    Love this candle! I found it in a shop and only purchased one. I knew I had to have more, so ordered two more.

    This candle makes me think of sunshine and summer. Keep the wick trimmed between uses and it burns evenly! Makes my whole house smell like Hawaii!!

    Pacific Ocean: California Scented Candle (Ocean Rain, Grapefruit, Jasmine)

    I’m not even a candle person but…

    I have burned through THREE Big Sur candles since January 21st. I’ve never enjoyed a candle scent this much. Normally I get a candle and enjoy it for a couple of days and then forget to light it. Not this one! I’m going to selfishly purchase one for all of my friends in the hopes that their houses smell like Big Sur when I visit. The only thing I wish is that it came in a bigger size!

    Big Sur: California Scented Candle (Rain, Mossy Wood, Lavender, Rose)

    California Golden State Scented Candle (Sea Salt, Orange Blossom, Night Jasmine)

    Fabulous Candles

    I love my candles! I received California as a gift and ordered more. We use them all the time.


    I fall under Pisces and loved the candle. I also purchased the Capricorn candle for my sister. She geeked! We both enjoyed their specific scents and how they fill a room. So embracing, engaging. Feel the love, spread the joy!

    Love the scents !

    Fills the whole space with wonderful, but not overwhelming
    Scent !

    Great Birthday Gift

    The Zodiac Birthday Candle arrived on time. A gift for my sister she love it. Will order again for other friends. Very personal gift.

    Just perfect

    It has an amazing scent and you can smell it from all the rooms in the house. Love it!

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