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Zodiac Birthday Gift Candle in Amber Glass: Sign Capricorn (Dec. 23 - Jan. 20)


Candle Ingredients

We hand-pour every candle in our California facility with the finest ingredients in the market:

  • 100% Non-Toxic Natural Coconut Wax
  • 100% Lead And Zinc Free Cotton Wick
  • 100% Phthalate Free Scents

The result is a Premium Scented Candle that burns cleaner, longer and stronger, for truly room filling aromas.

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Care information

- Keep wick centered and trimmed to ¼’’ at all times
- Burn candle within sight at all times
- Place on temperature safe surface to avoid heat damage
- Do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time
- Discontinue use when ¼’’ of wax remains


The candle scent is specifically chosen for Earth element signs like Capricorn. We combine uplifting notes of fresh greens with mossy wood, rosemary and eucalyptus. The natural and earthy scent profile provides the perfect aromatic environment for the spirit of the Capricorn. 

Classic (8oz): The Classic amber glass jar has a diameter of 2.9" and is 3.5" tall, containing 8oz of hand-poured natural wax with an approximate burn time of 40-60 hours.

Luxe (16oz):  The Luxe amber glass jar has a diameter of 3.9” and is 4.5” tall, containing 16oz of hand-poured natural wax with an approximate burn time of 80-100 hours.

About the Zodiac Sign Capricorn
The Capricorn zodiac sign is the 10th sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are organized, respectful, devoted, classy, materialistic, serious, staid, ambitious and practical.

  • Zodiac Date: December 23 – January 20
  • Latin Name: Capricorn (The Goat)
  • Ruler Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth

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