Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)
Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)
Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)
Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)
Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)

Maui, Hawaii Scented Candle (Coconut, Mango, Sea Salt)

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The scent of Maui is as lush, explosive and beautiful as the island. Mango and Coconut Milk are paired with fresh Sea Salt. Expect an intoxicating aroma that transports you straight to the Road of Hana.

Maui, also known as “The Valley Isle,” is the second largest Hawaiian island. No matter if you watch the sunrise on top of Haleakalā, lose yourself in going down the road of Hana or admire windsurfers in Ho'okipa Beach Park, Maui is sure to enchant all your senses.

Wax, Scent & Wicks

Candle Ingredients

Expect the best. We hand-pour every candle in our California studio and strictly use the finest quality ingredients. The result is a Premium Scented Candle that burns cleaner, longer and stronger, for truly room filling aromas.

Maximum Scent Load. Our hot throw, meaning the release of fragrance while the candle is burning, is what sets us apart. We achieve an unparalleled scent throw intensity by using a premium coconut-apricot wax blend, our candles include 50% more scent than even the best soy candles in the market.

Ingredients. We are using the finest natural ingredients in the market to provide a candle that meets the highest quality standards while producing an unparalleled fragrance experience. Each candle is made with:

- Non-Toxic Coconut Wax Blend

- Natural Cotton Fiber Wick

- Never Animal Tested

- Aroma Oils free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

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Based on 211 reviews

Love this candle line. The scents are amazing and customers love them.

Best Candles Ever

Thank you for making these wonderful candles. I send them to my daughter all the time, she loves them. I only order your candles because they are clean and healthy candles, no toxins burn into the air.

Lovely Candle

I love Candlefy Candles. They smell amazing, are high quality, beautiful and have first class packaging. Look no further for your new favorite candle brand.

Awesomeness in a candle!!

Love my new candles!!

Favorite candle

This is the best smelling candle I’ve ever had! I made my first purchase a few months ago and had to restock immediately once my last one was running low. I burn it everyday while doing my morning yoga and meditation and it makes me so happy. Please don’t ever stop making this scent- I need it forever!

Delighful scent!

I'm not much of a scented candle girl, but this is so wonderful I want everything to have this fragrance. It's not too much, but just the right amount of lovely wonderful smells.

Gorgeous candles with great scent!

Love your candles!
Speedy delivery and well packed!

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Aromatic Heaven

I received the Big Sur as a gift and before it was gone, I ordered three more California inspired scents. These are wonderful! Clean burning nirvana and the scents are… well, heavenly.

Love the way the candle came in a cute package and the included were a bonus! Excited to give this as a gift!

Amazing Scent

Absolutely love this candle. Scent throws off almost instantly upon being lit and fills the room easily.

Smells like a lilac garden

The scent of this lilac candle is out of this world. My entire house smells like fresh, straight from the bush lilacs. Couldn’t be happier.

Wonderful candles

Great candles. They smell great, the fancy matches are neat. These candles make great gifts. Additionally, the free shipping can’t be beat.

My favorite

I am a candle fan, but I am very particular. I received one of these as a gift, and now it’s the only scented candle I ever want. I have reordered multiple times now and still in love!

Love the scent ! And these candles make your place of space smell amazing !

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I haven’t burned it yet

Exceptional Candle Scent

I purchased this candle in a local store and instantly became obsessed with the scent. So, I purchased two more online, two days later. Aside from the captivating scent, this candle has great ‘scent theow’, and it burns very cleanly. I’m about 1/2 way through the first candle , and have gotten about 20 hours out of it. The company also shipped very quickly!

I love the candles and have recommended them to my friends and family.

Have always loved these candles especially Fog

Great service!


Smells just like summer nights in West LA. Dreamy

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