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Every purchase of a Creator Candle directly supports the artist that designed it.
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Creator Candles by CANDLEfy is the world’s first marketplace where independent artists display their finest works in the form of premium candles. We collaborate with exclusive artists to create unparalleled experiences that ignite the senses beyond sight, touch and spirit. Each purchase of a Creator Candle directly supports the independent artist that designed it.

Creativity is in our roots. As artisans in an eclectic city such as Los Angeles, we are grounded by unique environments and inspiring people, living and breathing art in its purest forms daily from paintings, illustrations, murals, sculptures, photography, installations, books, poetry and everything in between. Our culture derives from shared passions for the arts as our founders, Jan and Bela, spent the majority of their careers facilitating art and collaborating with artists of all mediums.

At conception of Creator Candles, our goal was to push the boundaries of a premium scented candle, incorporating quality, design and creativity. After all, the candle creation process is an art form of its own. As artisans who celebrate art every day, we’re partnering with independent artists around the world and supporting their endeavors along the way.

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