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4 Reasons Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift!

4 Reasons Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift! - Candlefy
If you are looking for the perfect gift, here are four remarkable reasons why choosing a candle is a great idea:
  1. The human experience has been intertwined with candles for nearly 5,000 years! The flicker of candlelight connects us to our ancestral roots. It’s primal.
  2. Universally beloved, the ritual of lighting a candle and enjoying both its scent and flickering light marks a number of meaningful activities in our lives including relaxation, introspection, spiritual contemplation, celebration, religious observance, honoring life, and, of course, romance!
  3. Supremely versatile, a beautifully scented candle can make a wonderful hostess gift; a personal gift for a close friend, romantic partner, or family member; a lovely housewarming gift; a gift for a colleague, boss or teacher; or a gift for a neighbor.
  4. In an era of accumulating “things” a candle will either be used completely or its glass container can be repurposed. It does not add to the recipient having a new long-term item to take care of.

What to Consider When Choosing A Candle?
Not all candles are created equal! A mass-produced candle from a big box store is not the same as a quality crafted, hand-poured candle, that uses fine botanical oils and natural waxes.

Here are some tips for identifying a truly unique candle that will bring many hours of enjoyment to the recipient.

    There are many “artisanal” scented candles today with innovative aromas featuring unique botanicals. They may be formulated to invoke a location or a particular time of year. Sometimes they are formulated for aromatherapy benefits.
    Start by concentrating on a scent that matches the person you are buying for. Choose an aroma that both delights the senses and perhaps has aromatherapy benefits such as helping the body and mind to relax.
    Go Clean and Natural
      No one enjoys an overly perfumed candle made with poor quality wax. Quality matters. Look for a clean brand with natural waxes made from sources such as soy, apricot, beeswax, and coconut.
        Highly manufactured candles lose a personal feel. Look for a brand that makes candles by hand. There are many hand-poured candles made in California (including Candlefy candles).  A locally crafted gift created in small batches makes it all the more special while supporting the local economy, too.
        Decorative Candles
          Don’t forget that candles are decorative. They add warmth, character, and a wonderful aroma to any room or bathroom, whether they or lit or not. Choose with décor in mind.
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