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Foul Odors Be Gone! 13 Expert Tips to Freshen Up Your Home

Do you have lingering smells wreaking havoc throughout your home? Are you struggling to figure out how to get rid of them? Foul odors are a pain to locate and can even make your home an unpleasant and unwelcoming place to live. If this sounds like a problem you are facing, but don’t know where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From installing an electric wax melter to trying an aroma lamp, we reached out to pros across North America, from Indianapolis, IN to Surrey, BC to get their best tips on how to freshen up your home. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Candles on a table

1) Use your nose to detect smells 

Life revolves around great aromas; therefore, you can eliminate bad odors that can pop up in your household with 2 easy steps. Step 1: Use your nose; this organ can both identify and locate bad smells. Step 2: Once identified, eliminate with meticulously designed candles and wax melts. – The Candle Daddy

2) A candle can be a quick fix

While cleaning carpets, sinks and trash is your number one priority to eliminate foul odors in your house, sometimes a quick fix is in order. Whenever time is of short supply, try lighting a scented natural wax candle, ideally, one with maximum scent load to ensure that your big rooms are being transformed from a locker room atmosphere to a lavender field, a beach stroll, or a hike through mossy woods. – Candlefy

3) Make sure to have a good cleaning routine 

Almost all bad smells can be masked with a great-smelling candle, but it can only do so much. Having a good cleaning routine and pairing it with home fragrance products like reed diffusers and room sprays will elevate and freshen your home scent. – The Starlight Candle Company

4) Try an electric wax melter 

After cleaning up the house, you’ll want to clean the air instead of masking over lingering smells. We suggest using a candle with a scent designed for odor elimination which will leave your home smelling fresh. If you have a no-candle policy or a sensitive nose, you can still enjoy deodorizing with an electric wax melter – the same great experience without the flame. – Den Candle Co.

5) Clean areas that get smelly regularly with fabric-safe sprays

Stale and unpleasant odors can hide in many surfaces of your home, especially breathable materials like linen, blankets, sofas, curtains, rugs, and pet beds. Eliminate these odors by cleaning and deodorizing the areas regularly. Next, safely infuse pleasant aromas into these surfaces with fabric-safe room and linen sprays that can last for weeks or even months. – NAVABELLA

6) Diffuse essential oils to deodorize your home

Diffusing essential oils in your home is the best natural way to displace bad odors with good smells. An ultrasonic mist diffuser will emit fine particles of essential oils and water that replace bad odor molecules with healthy ones. By using essential oils, you choose what emotions you intentionally want to trigger and the environment you want to create. – Tammy Myers, certified aromatherapist and owner of

7) Go with an aroma lamp

The aroma lamp remains one of the best ways to deodorize and beautifully fragrance your rooms. Using a catalytic combustion technique, the aroma lamp effectively and gently cleanses the air, destroys unwanted odors in your rooms, and subtly perfumes. The catalytic combustion reaction occurs when the ceramic stone atop the wick is lighted and heated for 2-3 minutes.  After blowing this flame out we now have a self-sustaining reaction that destroys odors, while gently and subtly perfuming the air. – The Redolent Bouquet

an oil diffuser

8) Choose a scent that matches each room

One of the easiest ways to deodorize and freshen your home is to light a candle. My go-to for my washroom is fresh, clean scents like Cucumber Melon or Dark Spice.To help mask the cooking smells in the kitchen, I usually go with something a bit spicy or slightly sweet like Cedar Bark & Spice or Roasted Espresso, as both cinnamon and coffee are good deodorizing and palate-cleansing scents. – Nadia Almeida, Owner of Fiery Wicks Candle Co.

9) Choose pure essential oils and organic extracts

Candles are a wonderful way to bring clean and fresh scents into our homes, creating a welcoming environment. However, not all candles are alike. Most candles are made with synthetic fragrance which creates a toxic breathing environment. For a healthy, clean home, make sure to choose candles made using only pure essential oils and organic extracts. – Vance Family Soy Candles

10) Your sense of smell is a strong emotional driver

It’s for this reason that scent helps transform the home ambiance of any room. Whether it’s a candle or diffuser, choosing the right scent creates a mood that’s more inviting, relaxing, or energizing. – Karl Winters

11) Replace smells with a soy wax candle

No matter how well you keep a clean home, foul odors can still sneak their way around the house from things like sweaty gym clothes, countertop compost bins filled with food scraps, or even your furry family member’s litter box. After a quick tidy-up, you can replace lingering, unwanted smells with a natural soy wax candle. Keep a variety of fragrances on hand to fit the weather or even occasion to create an entirely new mood in your home without ever having to change the decor. – Fish and Chip Craft Co. 

12) Even an unlit candle can change the scent of a room

Pets, children, and life can bring unwanted odors into your space. Change your aromatic experience by bringing a woodsy scent into your home. – Wax & Wick

13) Harness the power of scent 

The best types of smells for your home are the ones that help each space achieve its purpose. Harness the power of scent to create distinct spaces in your home: focus-enhancing rosemary in your workspace, energizing grapefruit in the entryway, and calming lavender in the bedroom. – Scented Designs