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How to Repurpose Candle Jars for Succulent Planters

How to Repurpose Candle Jars for Succulent Planters - Candlefy

Candle jars are perfect for repotting succulents. All you’ll need for this is a clean candle jar, potting mix, water and sunlight! 

Before you begin, be sure to properly clean it out in a few easy steps. Check out this blog post: How to Clean Your Candle Jar 


  1. Fill the candle jar ¾ with potting mix and dig a shallow hole in the middle.
  2. Remove the succulent from its original pot and gently remove the soil around the roots with your fingers. Place the succulent roots inside of the shallow hole in the jar.
  3. Fill the remaining space with soil until it reaches the base of the succulent. We like using an old matchbox to help with this step! Be sure to only cover the roots, avoiding any soil touching the leaves.
  4. Depending on when the succulent was last watered, if the soil is dry, wet thoroughly without drowning the plant. Otherwise, you can wait 1 week to water.

That’s it! Your succulent now has a beautiful home from your repurposed candle jar. We’d love to see your DIY creation on social media. Tag us @candlefy