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Meet Welder Wings

Meet Welder Wings - Candlefy

Hey Francisco and Nuria, tell us about your work!

Our medium is digital art. We mix collage and illustration in a very craft way, putting together small pieces that we then paint and culminate in a final result that is very ours. The truth is that we really enjoy creating imaginary worlds and strange characters. We wouldn't trade our work for anything in the world.

How did you get started?

We started creating because we felt very good doing it. We never thought that Welder Wings would go beyond a way to escape the routine of everyday life. We felt happy imagining our weird compositions and decided to share them with whoever wanted to see them. That's how it all started!

Where do you find inspiration?

In so many places: books, movies, songs... Even in the news there is a big creative field for us. Everything that catches our attention making us reflect and stir us inside is a great source of inspiration.

What advice would you give to your younger selves?

Do not be afraid and if you like to do something go for it. You will not lose anything by trying and the future can be wonderful. Oh, and work hard to achieve your dreams!

Tell us some fun facts about yourselves!

We are a creative but also a real couple. We live together, we have children and from the outside it is totally impossible for you to discern our love for dark surrealism. Many times we do not realize when we speak in public with each other and we possibly scare those around us. Who will imagine that when he approaches some parents of very young children in a playground he will hear deep discussions about what is the best way to make look a skull!


To learn more about Welder Wings, visit them at:

@welderwings on Instagram and @welderwings on Twitter

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