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  • Milton Glasner - Candlefy

    Milton Glasner

    In 2022, Candlefy and The State of New York embarked on a collaborative venture to introduce a collection of Premium Scented New York Candles. This distinctive assortment features a combination...

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  • Meet The Awkward Yeti - Candlefy

    Meet The Awkward Yeti

    The Awkward Yeti and all of its work are authored and illustrated by cartoonist Nick Seluk. Let's learn more about Nick!

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  • Meet Paige - Candlefy

    Meet Paige

    ellopudge (ello, pudge) is a relatable, homebody character who loves coffee, reading and the simple pleasures of life. ellopudge is created and drawn by Paige, a SoCal based comic artist,...

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  • Meet Janky Dood - Candlefy

    Meet Janky Dood

    Janky Dood is an artist living in Los Angeles. Her artworks are mostly “self-portraits,” although they often feature additional characters such as the queen herself… Maxine the little white dog....

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  • Meet Gemma Correll - Candlefy

    Meet Gemma Correll

      Gemma Correll is a writer, artist and cartoonist. Originally from England, she currently resides in Southern California with her trusty pug sidekicks, Bean and Zander. Gemma’s published works include...

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  • Meet Sharon Radisch - Candlefy

    Meet Sharon Radisch

    Sharon Radisch is an NYC and Paris-based photographer and artist with clients including Chanel, La Prairie, Trudon, La Mer and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as publications such as Architectural Digest, Harper's Bazaar,...

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  • Visit Malibu this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Malibu this Winter

    Winter in Los Angeles looks different than most places. Sunny skies kiss your skin as a cool breeze brushes by– there’s no place like Malibu in the winter! When low...

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  • Visit Joshua Tree this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Joshua Tree this Winter

    Strange weather comes with no surprise if you live in California. The usual blazing hot winter days or random rainfalls are expected, especially in Los Angeles. Anything below 70 degrees...

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  • Visit Big Sur this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Big Sur this Winter

    Depending on the time of day in Big Sur, you may find yourself wandering through misty fog along the coast, or soaking up the sun on the road with clear...

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  • Visit Sequoia & Kings Canyon this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Sequoia & Kings Canyon this Winter

    Home to some of the largest trees in the world, Sequoia and Kings Canyon have a forest-charm like no other. Massive Redwoods and crisp air surround you as you wander...

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  • Visit Yosemite this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Yosemite this Winter

    One hasn’t truly experienced all that California has to offer if they have never visited Yosemite National Park. It’s hard to believe it could be any more beautiful than it...

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  • Visit Lake Tahoe this Winter - Candlefy

    Visit Lake Tahoe this Winter

    Our Lake Tahoe Candle is a year-round necessity, especially if you love to burn woodsy scents. Winter in Tahoe is a magical time of year where fluffy snow falls amongst the tree-lines...

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