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  • Meet Sarah Andersen - Candlefy

    Meet Sarah Andersen

    Sarah is a young Portland-based artist. Her work is totally not autobiographical. Not at all.

    Jan Stammnitz |

  • Zodiac Birthday Candles - Candlefy

    Zodiac Birthday Candles

    You may be surprised to discover that human fascination with astrology dates back 2400 years. And for good reason! How can we look up at the cosmos and not believe...

    Jan Stammnitz |

  • Scented California Candles - Candlefy

    Scented California Candles

    Designed to transport the very energy of naturally pure and powerful places to your home to help you reach a calm, peaceful and happy state of mind.

    Jan Stammnitz |

  • 4 Reasons Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift! - Candlefy

    4 Reasons Why Candles Make the Perfect Gift!

    If you are looking for the perfect gift, here are four remarkable reasons why choosing a candle is a great idea: The human experience has been intertwined with candles for...

    Jan Stammnitz |